How to write a magazine article

Are you a new writer, just starting out in your writing career? If so, you probably wonder how exactly to write an article for a magazine. Certainly, by now, you have read hundreds or thousands of journalistic style pieces. Until now, you most likely took them at face value and didn't give the writing process a second thought. Writing a magazine article is a fun and simple activity when you are interested in the subject matter.

The first thing to do is find a topic of interest. Then, make a list of the major points of interest about your topic. For example, if your topic is real estate you would want to list buying and selling. Once you have the major points of interest, you need to decide if you will write a general article about the major points, or delve deeper in to the sub topics under each of those major points listed above.

In the real estate example, under buying you might include financing or what to look for in a home. Under selling, you might see how to price a home or how to prepare a home for sale. As you can see, there are a dozen different directions that your article can take. Let's assume you have selected the topic of how to prepare a home for sale. Get out your scratch paper again and make a list of the things that come to mind.

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Take that list, and do some online research to see what the experts have to say. You can look at websites on home remodeling, real estate sales or even decorating. Make some notes about what you find, and perhaps record some quotes (don't forget the URL for citations!) and start organizing your article.

Pick 3 items on which to focus and write a paragraph on each. Then, write an introduction with a statement that mentioned the 3 items you would like to feature. And do the same as a conclusion paragraph. Remember that the voice you should use when writing for a magazine is casual, almost like you are talking to a group of friends. If you follow this formula, your writing career will be successful and you will keep your readers coming back for more.